Shenjiamen Fishing Port
    The fishing port is located on the southeast side of Zhoushan Island, facing the East China Sea. It is backed by Qinglong and Baihu Mountains. It is a natural sheltered port with a length of about ten miles and a width of about half a mile. It is the largest natural fishing port in China, with the port of Bergen, Norway, the port of Callao are known as the world's three major fishing ports. It forms the golden triangle of the East China Sea tourism with the Putuo Mountain of the Haitian Buddhism, the Zhujiajian of the Sea Yandang, and the Peach Blossom Island of the Sea.
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    Our company is specialized in deep processing and sales of aquatic products. With complete facilities, advanced enterprise management concept and first-class production capacity, the factory is located in Zhoushan Puxi Industrial Park, covering an area of 7,830 square meters. It has an assets of more than 40 million yuan, more than 400 employees, a factory over 6,000 square meters, a refrigerator with a capacity of 4,000 tons, a quick-freezing warehouse with a daily freezing capacity of 80 tons, and a tunnel-type quick-freezing machine with a daily freezing capacity of 8 tons. The flat freezer has a daily freezing capacity of 3 tons, a tablet freezing machine, 2 raw material workshops, 3 deep processing workshops, a cooked product line and two frozen food production lines.
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